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Jon Hamm, Ansel Elgort & This Week’s Biggest Celebrity Show-Offs

A little skin never hurt anyone…


- The Hammaconda is on the loose again! The owner of Hollywood’s most beloved bulge takes his pants off for the September issue of British GQ.

unnamed (7)

- How did the Internet miss this? Justin Bieber apparently flashed some pubes while in Cannes in June.


- Ryan Guzman, the actor playing Rio in the Jem and the Holograms live-action reboot, removes his shirt for Da Man magazine.


- The men of Broadway’s Rocky strip down and spar for Out. (Pictured: Okieriete Onaodowan and Adrian Aguilar.)

- Supertwink actor Ansel Elgort accepts the “ice bucket challenge.”


- Native American actor Blair Redford shows a ton of ass on USA Network’s Satisfaction.


- Idris Elba sent the Internet into panic mode this week with the faint outline of a massive bulge. Spoiler alert: it’s a “mic wire.”

- Boxing champion Cyril Benzaquen takes his clothes off for Pablo-chester.


- True Blood hunk Ryan Kwanten adjusts himself at the beach. Watch his steamy gay sex scene with Alexander Skarsgard here.


Big Brother‘s Hayden Voss managed to show peen before his sudden departure from the house this week. Check out the best of Big Brother 16‘s homoerotica here.

Stop The Car and Pull Over! Char DeFrancesco Hitchhikes In Underwear


Usually when you pass a hitchhiker your immediate thought is to keep going. But, if you were to pass by Char DeFrancesco you would probably slam on the brakes, especially since he’s lost and all he has on is his underwear. In this exclusive photo shoot from Marco Ovando for The Underwear Expert, Char is just trying to catch a ride! He tests which underwear will catch him a ride the quickest by changing it up. There are looks from Baskit to Marco Marco, and then Char slips on some Wood Underwear and finally ends up in C-IN2. We’re not sure if he’ll ever make it home looking like that!2sm 1sm-2 3s

For more information, go to The Underwear Expert.

Photo credit: Marco Ovando

Grindr Recommends You Order The Truvada, Hold The Slut Shame

Screen Shot 2014-08-08 at 11.13.33 AMGrindr is a lot of things. Battery killer, time waster, hook-up facilitator and late night drug solicitation tool to name just a handful. Now it can add this: PrEP marketer.

It’s no surprise that guys are hooking up online in staggering numbers — there’s a bevy of scandalous services out there — so if the goal is to reach a market of potentially unsafe sex practicers, seems like a good place to start.

They recently told Buzzfeed in a statement:

To date, Grindr has helped raise awareness surrounding numerous PrEP initiatives including studies and information sessions.

Grindr is highly committed to promoting safe sex within the community and strongly encourages our users to engage in safe sex practices, get tested and know their HIV status.

And here’s what you might have seen lately before you load more guys:



PHOTOS: Rugged Men In The Wild Get Back To Nature

Screen shot 2014-08-08 at 4.30.37 PM

Ah, wilderness!

So lush. So green. So restorative.

Every now and then it’s important to unplug and get back to nature. Just ask Zac Efron. He spent his summer rappelling down the sides of a jagged cliffs and eating s’mores by a campfire in an attempt to reconnect with Mother Nature.

Whether it’s hiking, fishing, camping, rock climbing, or skinny dipping in a mountain stream, there’s no shortage of ways to channel your inner bear and become one with the wild.

Scroll down to see sexy photos of rugged men showing their love of wilderness.


Photo credit: Impressive Instants


Photo credit: Camping Men


Photo credit: The Black Male Body


Photo credit: Rome Grant


Photo credit: Asian Male Muscle


Photo credit: Camping Men


Photo credit: Nude Men Outdoors


Photo credit: Loving Male Models


Photo credit: kieljamespatrick


Photo credit: The Black Male Body


Photo credit: Nude Men Outdoors


Photo credit: Men in the Wild


Photo credit: Toby Toy


Photo credit: Camping Men


Photo credit: Rome Grant


Photo credit: Camping Men


Photo credit: gaynudistcocks


Photo credit: Hot Men Outdoors


Photo credit: The Black Male Body


Photo credit: Camping Men


Photo credit: Men in the Wild

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Shape Up: I Like Big Butts And I Cannot Lie

[Editor's note: If you're looking for effective exercise techniques that get results quickly and safely, allow us to introduce a new fitness column written by the trainers of The Phoenix Effect. Watch for it each Sunday.]

Joel Harrison

Joel Harrison

Top bunk, bottom bunk, somewhere in between, we all want a great ass. So what are some things you can do in your workout to help sculpt and lift the booty?

Turn your glutes on! 

In my experience, many of my clients’ glutes simply don’t fire. This can easily happen from sitting all day or having tight hips. Warm up your bottom with a series of band walks. Grab a band. Hold the handles in both hands. Step on the band itself with your feet at hips distance, cross the band in front of you to form an X in front of your shins and walk to the left 15 times and then back. Do three sets of these just to get that derrière ready to work! 

Ass to the grass! 

A deep squat will challenge your glutes and make sure your buns are doing all the work they need to be doing to make your butt big and strong. Don’t sacrifice form for weight.

Too many guys want to pile on the plates and can’t squat low enough to really target their posterior, resulting in lower back and knee injuries. Start low and slow for toning and then add weight for size.  Give these weights a try, but adjust as necessary based on your ability.  

Set 1: 15 reps at 100 lbs.  

Set 2: 12 reps at 120 lbs.

Set 3: 10 reps at 140 lbs.

Set 4:  8 reps at 150 lbs.

Group Shot

The Phoenix Effect trainers

Prisoner squats: hands in the air like you don’t care! 

Last but not least, follow your squat set with an explosive movement like prisoner squats. Put your hands up and behind your head, squat deeply while keeping your chest up and push up hard enough to come up off the ground. Adding an explosive movement immediately after muscle failure promotes growth in the muscle. Give it 10 reps and rest for about two minutes before going into the next set of squats.

Follow these instructions and watch your butt grow as will the number of woofs you’ll rack up on a certain “networking” site. Have fun and be safe, fellas!  

The Phoenix Effecta metabolic bootcamp that gets you in shape fast, is offered exclusively at Mansion Fitness, 7914 Santa Monica Blvd., West Hollywood.

WATCH: “Homo Promo” — They Don’t Make ‘Em Like They Used To

They really don’t make ‘em like this anymore.

Queer film historian Jenni Olson’s new Homo Promo YouTube playlist just launched this week with a choice trio of tidbits including the original theatrical trailer for Paris is Burning (above) — which amazingly has never before been uploaded to the interwebs. It’s worth a watch and serves as a vivid reminder to watch the whole film if you’ve never seen it, or to watch it again if you have. Olson also has the vintage long-format trailer for Glen or Glenda: I Changed My Sex — which has to be one of the weirdest queer movies ever — in which a deadpan narrator explains the difference between a homosexual and a transvestite in a hilarious scene. All you trash cinephiles will recall that Glen or Glenda comes from the legendary Ed Wood, who also made what is generally considered to be the worst movie ever made, Plan 9 From Outer Space. Rounding out the line-up is a great little clip from the 1967 exploitation documentary, Queens at Heart — featuring the tough-talking Simone who talks about her double-life as a trans-woman in pre-Stonewall New York City. You can also watch the first few minutes of Queens at Heart below and click to stream the complete 22-minute short for $2.99.

Colton Haynes Hangs With Gays, Tom Daley’s Speedo Shrinks & Barbra Streisand More Flawless Than Ever This Week On Instagram

Now that you know how to take a proper dick pic and hook up online, step up your Instagram game with some inspiration from the pros:

Drag Race alum Detox is hanging out with gay porn director Marc MacNamara. Could she be planning a gay porn comeback?

Michael Sam makes history as the first openly gay active player in the NFL.

Colton Haynes snaps a selfie with out actor John Barrowman, one week after spending some time with his married gay brother. Perhaps he’s planning something big?

Brace yourself. Ashley Parker Angel’s comeback game is strong, and he’s confirming he’s an exhibitionist.

Ricky Martin made love to his spaghetti.

Scottish rugby stud Thom Evans loses his shirt on a lake in Portugal.

Olympic judo athlete Ashley McKenzie teases his 2015 calendar shoot. Which studly 2015 calendar will you buy?

Sir Ian McKellen recreates an epic Lord of the Rings moment on a cobblestone street: “Fly, you fool!

Barbra Streisand, the first human in history to effectively reverse the aging process, has joined Instagram: “Hello Instagram… isn’t my Samantha just precious?”

Why does Tom Daley even wear clothes?

Why does Terry Miller even wear clothes?

Why does Andy Cohen even wear clothes?

Davey Wavey and Jake Bass are apparently taking showers together now. Watch them measure Jake’s dick here.

Drag Race faves Milk and Joslyn Fox surround winner Bianca Del Rio in various stages of undress.

Pop diva Justin Bieber wears his pants around his thighs. His reported net worth is $80 million.

Brazilian porn star Harry Louis visited “the most beautiful beach in the entire world,” has the most beautiful abs in the entire world.

Professional boxer Floyd ‘Money’ Mayweather paid someone to give him a sponge bath, even though we would have done it for free.

Jack Laugher snuggles up with a new friend. Will Chris Mears be jealous?

Dan Osborne shared a photo of himself attending the Expendables 3 premiere in London, conveniently cropping it right above his massive headline-grabbing bulge.

Culture wars, gay rights movement transforms the politics of religious liberty

The child of a same sex couple sits next to a protest sign during the court hearing on same-sex marriage in Miami on July 2, 2014.Not long ago, when religious liberty cases reached the courts, the people seeking protection for their beliefs were mostly from small faith groups and their lawyers were liberals. The contested issues were narrow: a demand that plain, black Amish buggies carry bright safety triangles, for instance, or bans on hallucinogenic tea in a Native American ritual...

Which Country Has The Hottest “Big Brother” Hunks?

big-brother-hunksThe current season of Big Brother USA has been hailed both as the most gay-friendly and one of the hottest casts in the show’s history. As a result, it’s been one of the greatest and most homoerotic seasons to watch — a nice departure from the bigoted mess that was last season.

But that’s just the show’s United States version. And since its original premiere on Dutch television in 1997, the franchise has spun out to include more than 300 different seasons in over 50 countries from six different continents.

So which countries choose the hottest dudes to represent them? We took three babes from some of the franchise’s highest-rated incarnations below. You tell us…


Big Brother Africa
(Season 5 winner Uti Nwachukwu, season 8 houseguests Michael Bonny Bassey and Melvin Oduah)


Big Brother Albania
(Season 7 houseguest Erald Lila, season 3′s Seldi Qalliu and season 6′s Vigan Shehu)


Big Brother Australia
(Season 10 houseguests Ed Lower and Matt Filippi, season 9′s Ryan Buckingham)


Big Brother Brazil
(Season 12 sex tape maker Jonas Sulzbach, season 13′s André Coelho and Marcello Soares)


Big Brother Canada
(Season 2 houseguest Kenny Brain, season 1′s Alec Beall and Emmett Blois)


Big Brother Germany
Season 11 houseguest David Ortega Arenas, season 9′s Benjamin Ringler and Marco Eismann)


Big Brother UK
(Season 15 houseguest Winston Showan, season 10′s Ashley McKenzie and season 9′s Dale Howard)


Big Brother USA
(Season 16 houseguests Caleb Reynolds, Devin Shepherd and Cody Calafiore)

Davey Wavey And Jake Bass Measure Their Dicks In “Online Inches”

davey-wavey-jake-bassThe average penis size, according to YouTube sensation Davey Wavey, is 5.1 inches. If you ask Jake Bass, professional Cockyboy and conqueror of “porn-sized dicks,” the average penis is around 7 inches.

But at least there’s one thing these boys can agree on: Most men don’t know how to measure their dicks at all, regardless of their size. That’s why they’re offering a handy tutorial on how to measure your dick in “online inches,” which basically amounts to doubling whatever measurement you’ve taken.

Check it out below, and see if you can catch a glimpse of Jake’s “15-incher” in the mirror behind him.

Check out more of Jake Bass and Davey Wavey on Instagram.