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Kansas Marriage Lawsuit Just Got Even Messier

florida waste of timeA judge in Kansas already told the state that they need to start letting gay and lesbian couples get married. So why are only a few county officials complying?

The marriage case in Kansas has been one of the messiest in the country, and it just got even worse. For starters, that initial ruling wasn’t a decision on the merits of the case — it was just a preliminary ruling before the judge actually decides whose side he’ll take. But apparently he was already leaning so heavily in favor of the gay and lesbian couples that he basically said they should go ahead and get married now.

Kansas, of course, is being a bunch of dicks about the whole thing, even they have no chance of winning. They’re appealing that preliminary ruling to the 10the Circuit, but things haven’t gone their way. Last week, the 10th Circuit shot down the state’s request for a mega-panel, which was Kansas’ last best chance of getting the ruling they wanted.

Now the 10th Circuit will get to decide whether gay couples should get married while the lawsuit makes its long way through the court. Our prediction is that the 10th Circuit will give gay couples the thumbs-up, since that court already overturned marriage bans in neighboring states. From there, the state would be able to petition the Supreme Court for a hearing, which they have absolutely zero chance of winning.

All this, and we haven’t even seen an actual ruling on the merits of the case yet. Great job wasting taxpayers’ money and time, Kansas.

YouTuber Connor Franta Comes Out To His 3.8 Million Subscribers

“[This] is truly the year that I have accepted who I am and become happy with that person,” YouTube star Connor Franta says in his aptly titled “Coming Out” video. “So today I want to talk to you guys about that and be open and honest, and tell you that I’m gay.”

Even if you (like us) have never heard of Connor, his story is one we can most certainly relate to. And you can’t argue with those 3.8 million subscribers.

PHOTOS: James Franco And Zachary Quinto Explore The World Of Ex-Gay Christianity In “I Am Michael”

New photos from I Am Michael have been released in anticipation of the film’s premiere during Sundance 2015, and we’re expecting good things. James Franco stars as the real-life character Michael Glatze, the gay activist turned ex-gay homophobic Christian pastor. The drama is based on out writer Benoit Denizet-Lewis’ New York Times profile “My Ex-Gay Friend,” which tells the story of how Glatze became a poster child for the ex-gay movement after rejecting his sexuality and repenting for his life as a homosexual, during which he founded the homoerotic teen magazine XY. Zachary Quinto costars as the lover of Franco’s character, Teen Wolf‘s Charlie Carver plays a young man they hook up with and American Horror Story‘s Emma Roberts also has a role in the film.

“It’s actually a very relatable story about the power of belief and the desire to belong,” director Justin Kelly told Variety. The film is co-produced by Franco and Gus Van Sant, director of Milk, My Own Private Idaho and Mala Noche.

Take a look at new stills from the film:







The Dallas Grindr Scammer Will Break Your Heart And Your Bank Account

Michael Bellah. (Photo source: Dallas Voice via Facebook)

Michael Bellah. (Photo source: Dallas Voice via Facebook)

The next time you’re in Dallas, watch out for this dude.

Grindr user Michael Bellah has been accused of scamming men he meets on Grindr out of money. At least two guys claim he’s cheated them out of hundreds of dollars.

Robert Blake is a divorced father and retired member of the U.S. Air Force. He alleges he met Bellah on Grindr earlier this year.

“We chatted for a while and eventually we met and had dinner,” he told the Dallas Voice.

When dinnertime rolled around, Bellah was late. Really late. He didn’t arrive until 10:30 p.m., claiming he had a flat tire. The two men went out to dinner anyway.

During the meal, Bellah lamented to Blake that he needed $100 to pay back the tire store manager by the next day. But not just that. He also said he was stressed out because he owed his ex-wife money for school supplies, and he was strapped for cash because the payroll department at his company was “messed up.”

Needless to say, “I paid for dinner,” Blake said.

Despite everything, Blake told the Dallas Voice that he and Bellah still hit it off, in part because Bellah claimed that he, too, had served in the Air Force.

“Being a divorced gay dad that lost everything when I came out, I knew what it was like to struggle to make ends meet,” Blake said. “I felt sorry for him, and gave him a check for $250 as a loan.”

When Blake followed up with Bellah about getting repaid, he claims the man always had an excuse for why he couldn’t get together.

“This was also a bad life lesson that I learned the hard way,” Blake told the Dallas Voice. 

Weeks later, Blake was having lunch with his friend John (not his real name) from church. He recounted the story about Bellah.

“Interesting,” John replied. “I met him on Scruff about a year and a half ago.”

John went on to allege how Bellah had told him that his kids were having “medical issues” and that he asked him to do a Facebook fundraiser for him.

“I got six friends to donate a total of about $300,” John said.

In hindsight, he added, he should have known better when Bellah refused to advertise the fundraiser on his own Facebook page.

A few weeks later, Bellah once again hit up John for money. Being a good-hearted, church-going fella, John wrote him a check for $275. The money was intended to be a loan.

“That’s when problems started,” John said.

When John inquired about when Bellah might repay him, he claims Bellah got angry and said he never should have given him the money if he couldn’t afford it. Then he stopped answering John’s calls.


Blake says he knows of at least one other person who Bellah allegedly tried scamming.

“I have another friend that lived in south Arlington that Michael approached and asked for $500,” he told the Dallas Voice. “My friend is a little brash and told him to f-off.”

The Dallas Voice says it contacted Bellah via Facebook for comment. In a Facebook message, he replied that he was “not discussing my personal business with someone I do not know. If you would like to present facts of these allegations I will be happy to discuss them with you.” He provided a phone number, however, but did not respond to messages.

Moral of the story: Don’t give money out to random people you meet on Grindr.

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Graham Gremore is a columnist and contributor for Queerty and Life of the Law. Follow him on Facebook and Twitter.


Don’t Be Fooled By The Smile. You Won’t Believe What This Homophobic Pastor Has Been Saying.

Screen Shot 2014-12-08 at 2.20.38 PMThere never seems to be a shortage of right-wing Christian extremists spewing out vitriolic nonsense, but Pastor Logan Robertson has risen to the top of the flock this week by tripling down on hate.

The story starts with Jim Marjoram, a self-proclaimed gay Christian who has written a book about his experience in the church and his faith. He sent an email out to around 400 churches about his project, and received a reply he could hardly believe.

Pastor Robertson of the Westcity Bible Baptist Church wrote “we are not interested in your filthy lifestyle or book,” adding, “I pray that you will commit suicide, you filthy child molesting fag.”

Jim contacted the media with the outrageous email, and New Zealand’s ONE News took the story. Openly gay reporter Matt McLean called Pastor Robertson to request an interview, and on the phone the pastor told Matt that he hoped he too would commit suicide, and that he doesn’t give interviews to “filthy faggots.”

The Pastor did grant a straight journalist an interview, however, and said:

“I think every single one of them should be put to death. Christians shouldn’t be doing it, I’m not going to do it, it’s the Government’s job to be doing it.”

Jim told ONE News he isn’t angry with the pastor, but he does hope people realize that what Logan is preaching “isn’t love.”

He also wanted to give a special thanks to the homophobic pastor for helping him promote his book. Boom.

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FBI: 20 percent of 2013 hate crimes were motivated by sexual orientation bias

hate-crimesWASHINGTON -- The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) on Monday released its annual Hate Crime Statistics report, revealing that more than 20 percent of hate crime offenses in 2013 were due to bias based on sexual orientation.

Appeals court: ‘Crimes against humanity’ case against Scott Lively can proceed

Scott LivelyBOSTON -- A federal appeals court has rejected a petition by anti-gay activist Scott Lively to dismiss a complaint that alleges he violated U.S. law by influencing the laws of a foreign country.

PHOTOS: San FranSkivvies Run Gets Wet

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Salvation Army Says “No, Seriously. We’re Not Antigay. Now Give Us Your Money, Please. God Bless.”

10352838-largeForget what you’ve heard in the very recent past, the Salvation Army wants everyone to know that it does not discriminate against gay people.

The website for the Salvation Army in Central Ohio currently features a video defending the charity’s past treatment of the LGBT community.

Under the headline “Salvation Army Open to All,” the video addresses what the Christian social-welfare organization calls “inaccurate claims.”

“Rumors have been leading some to believe that the Salvation Army does not serve members of the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgendered community,” it says. “These accusations simply aren’t true.”

The only problem? The rumors aren’t rumors. The accusations are true. The Salvation Army has a very long and colorful history of opposing equal rights for LGBT people, and no amount of heart-wrenching YouTube videos are going to make us forget that.

Earlier this year, the organization denied shelter to a trans woman in Texas who was forced to flee her home after receiving death threats. And last winter, it included links to “ex-gay” organizations on its website. Then there was that incident in 2012 when the Andrew Craibe, the Salvation Army’s Media Director in Australia, said gay people should be “put to death.”

But, hey, all that is water under the bridge, right?

“For the past few years during the holiday season, a lot of chatter on social media was saying the Salvation Army was antigay and discriminates against people in the LGBT community,” said national spokesperson Lt. Colonel Ron Busroe. “I felt we needed to be proactive on this.”

He continued: “My concern is that we need to make sure that people aren’t reading things on the Internet or through social media and thinking that must be true.”

Like, for instance, Busroe’s comments.

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Graham Gremore is a columnist and contributor for Queerty and Life of the Law. Follow him on Facebook and Twitter.

Taylor Lautner Walks Into A Gay Bar. You Know The Punchline.

We at Queerty will forever seek the moral high ground when it comes to questioning celebrities’ sexual orientations. We understand that their privacy is a human right, and respectfully decline to venture into the realm of cheap speculation and he said/he said.

And it’s headlines like these that prove our  commitment to the highest principles of journalism:

Harry Styles May Have Just Revealed He’s Bisexual

Brenton Thwaites Vaguely Comes Out As Bisexual. One More And We’ve Got A Hat Trick.

Did Andy Cohen Officially Out Kevin Spacey? And Does It Even Matter?

So naturally, we were flabbergasted by the internet hoopla surrounding Taylor Lautner’s recent visit to gay bar The Abbey in West Hollywood, where he was photographed with Andrew Christian model Murray Swanby.

Murray posted this on his Instagram:

All this shows is that Taylor is comfortable in a gay bar — a gay bar, it should be noted, that regularly welcomes straight celebs as diverse as Hillary Clinton, Laurence Fishburne and the late Elizabeth Taylor.

But that didn’t stop some blogs from posting articles with headlines like “Did Taylor Lautner Just Come Out On Instagram?”

Even by our standards, that’s a stretch. Murray thought so too, responding, “If Taylor Lautner was coming out, I would have taken him home Thursday night.” Can’t argue with that logic.

Still, it’s nice to dream.

Here’s some more of Murray just because: