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PHOTOS: Take A Dip In The Puppy Pile And See Hot Guys Go “Arf!”


Things got ruff last weekend at Arf!, a wild night of kink, fetish, bath house disco and sleazy dance tunes. Just how ruff? You’ll have to see the pictures to find out. Honestly, we wouldn’t mind taking a dip in the puppy pile.

Scroll down for a peek and heck out the complete photo album at GayCities.




Photo credit: Matt Baume

IKEA stops online Russian magazine due to gay propaganda law

An Ikea store in RussiaThe Swedish retailer says its magazine IKEA Family Live "demonstrates various aspects of home life regardless of age, gender, sexual orientation."

Christian College Cancels Bake Sale For Gay Youth, Students Raise $10,000 Anyway

Screen shot 2015-03-13 at 1.31.27 PMAll students at Andrews University in Berrien Springs, MI wanted to do was hold a bake sale to help Fierce Chicago, a non-profit organization that assists homeless LGBT youth. But when college administrators learned about it, they demanded the sale be cancelled. Evidently, helping disenfranchised gay children is in direct “conflict” with the university’s “mission and practices.”

The bake sale was being organized by AULL4One, the university’s unofficial gay-straight alliance, which has approximately 80 members, but is forbidden from advertising on campus due to the school’s affiliation with the antigay Seventh Day Adventist Church.

In an e-mail to the students, AU Dean of Student Life Steve Yeagley said the university was forbidding the bake sale because “funds may be raised for non-profit organizations ‘whose mission and practices do not conflict with those of the University.’”

Yeagley continued by saying that there was “a perceived conflict between the mission and practices of Andrews University and those of Fierce Chicago — certainly not in their efforts to aid homeless youth, but in their approach to the LGBT issue, at large.”

“As a result,” the e-mail concluded, “we can and will support LGBT homeless youth through organizations whose mission and purpose clearly align with the religious mission and purpose of our university and its sponsoring church.”

In other words: Andrews University is happy to help raise money for homeless youth, just so long as they’re not gay or being served by an organization that doesn’t take a proactive stance against “the LGBT issue.”

So instead of a bake sale, students at Andrews University have created an IndieGoGo page to send donations to Fierce Chicago. They hoped to raise $2,000. So far, they have raised nearly $10,000 with 26 days to go.

Sorry, administrators, you lose.

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Gay Twins Face Off, Scott Eastwood Avoids Full-Frontal, Jared Leto’s Teen Stripping Revelation & More!

Ricky Martin drops a new track with Pitbull called Mr. Put It Down, the first single off Martin’s 11th studio album. He might be putting it down, but we’re definitely picking it up.

Jared Leto reveals he was a teenage stripper. No word yet on if he’ll be starring in Magic Mike XXXL.


In the battle of fraternal vs. identical gay twins, who will win?! The charming Monastero brother help settle the score.

Jim Parsons gets a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, due in large part to the mega success of the largely unwatchable CBS comedy The Big Bang Theory.


Transgender teen activist Jazz Jennings lands a TLC reality show, which will show her “juggling her foray into high school while navigating how a transgender teen approaches dating and sleepovers all while avoiding male puberty.”


Before Jamie Dornan spanked his way into the box office, the role of Christian Grey was offered to legacy hunk Scott Eastwood. He turned it down for a variety of reasons including full-frontal nudity. Oh, how we wish he hadn’t.

Utah’s LGBT rights bill is a trojan horse for the religious right’s agenda

The Mormon-church-backed anti-discrimination bill that protects LGBT Utah residents and religious rights received final approval at the state's Republican-controlled Legislature on Wednesday, and was signed Thursday evening by Gov. Gary Herbert.There were both cheers and tears as many in the Utah LGBTQ community celebrated the passage of a workplace and housing nondiscrimination law, but behind closed doors, I suspect it’s actually the leaders of the Religious Right who are cheering the hardest.

Aaron Schock Doesn’t Want Anyone To Know About His Expensive Male “Companion”

Screen shot 2015-03-13 at 10.32.13 AMUh-oh! It looks like our favorite non-gay Republican politician Rep. Aaron Schock may have some explaining to do. Again.

New allegations have surfaced saying 33-year-old Schock broke House rules when he failed to disclose that he accepted money from an outside group to cover the cost of brining a male “companion” on an exotic all-expenses-paid trip to India.

Schock traveled to India on official business to meet with Prime Minister Narendra Modi in August of last year. According to a spokesman for the Global Poverty Project, an international advocacy organization working to end world poverty, the organization foot the $10,000 bill, $4,000 of which went towards Schock’s personal photographer and videographer, Jonathon Link, who documented the trip for Schock’s Instagram account.

And here’s where things got a little tricky.

House rules permit a member to accept private money for a companion’s travel expenses only if that person is a staffer or immediate family member. At the time of the trip, Link was neither of those. He wasn’t put on Schock’s official or campaign payroll until a month after the trip.

House rules also dictate that a member must obtain a waiver from the Ethics Committee to bring someone other than a staffer or family member on an official trip. Otherwise, they have to pay for the companion’s travel expenses out of pocket. Schock never told anyone that he brought Link along on the trip, trying to keep the entire thing on the DL.

Of course, this isn’t the first time Schock has been accused of mishandling money. Earlier this year, he was accused of misreporting a private flight as a “software expense” and of using taxpayer money to take his staff on getaway to New York City, as well as fly himself on a private jet to a football game in Chicago.

Oh, and let’s not forget that whole incident where he spent $40,000 of taxpayer dough to redecorate his D.C. office to look like the set of “Downton Abbey.”

A spokesman for Schock declined to comment about the trip to India, but noted the congressman “took the proactive step” of hiring attorneys at a fancy D.C. law firm to help navigate the situation.

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Selfie Campaign Shows How Absurd It Is To Force Trans People To Use The Wrong Bathroom

Who would have thought bathrooms would ever be such a hot button issue?

But some people just can’t seem to wrap their heads around having to tinkle next to someone they perceive to be the opposite gender. Even if that person has spent a lifetime struggling to achieve their true, sincere gender identity.

This week we saw it play out at a Planet Fitness in Midland, Michigan, when a woman flipped her shit over a transgender woman using the female locker room. The gym handled the situation like pros, but that didn’t stop Fox News from getting their feathers in a royal ruffle.

There is currently pending legislation in Florida, Texas and Canada designed to keep trans people from using their preferred bathroom, and the real problem (as per usual) comes down to people’s inexperience with the issue.

Inexperience –> misunderstanding –> fear –> anger. It’s not a cute look.

One trans rights activist, Brae Carnes, is trying to tackle that inexperience with a photo campaign aimed at showing the absurdity of forcing people into a certain bathroom.

“I wanted to show how, if this amendment and bill became law, how ridiculous it would be to have these women in the men’s washroom,” Carnes told CBC Victoria.

Take a look below:





h/t Mic

New Scientology Documentary ‘Going Clear’ Outs John Travolta. Again.

John-Travolta-Main-cover-360x232Not that this is remotely shocking news, but the new HBO documentary Going Clear: Scientology and the Prison of Belief reportedly outs John Travolta for the sixth ninth fifteenth time. We’ve stopped counting.

The film, based on Lawrence Wright’s 2013 book of the same name, details Travolta’s involvement in the church dating back to the early part of his acting career. Back then, he was a halfhearted supporter at best. Why, then, is he now one of Scientology’s most outspoke zealots?

The film strongly suggests that the church is essentially blackmailing him by threatening to out him if he ever betrays them.

Again, this isn’t anything entirely new per se, but the weight of Alex Gibney’s new film adds a heaping dose of gasoline to the John-Travolta-is-trapped-in-the-closet fire.

This passage from Wright’s book says it all:

“The church hierarchy was desperately concerned that their most valuable member would be revealed as gay; at the same time, the hierarchy was prepared to use that against him.”

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The book also describes Scientology’s current leader, David Miscavige, as extremely duplicitous on the subject. In 1980, as he wined and dined Travolta to become involved in the church, he is reported to have said behind his back, “The guy is a faggot. We’re going to out him.”

While the film never says the word “gay,” they use Travolta’s case to highlight the practice of “auditing” — the church’s one-on-one therapy-style counseling — as a way of amassing a collection of personal information about its members.

“An auditor learns to keep notes contemporaneously as he is doing a session,” Marty Rathbun, an ex-Scientologist who was Miscavige’s right hand, says in Going Clear. “It’s the most intimate detail. You’re always encouraged, you’re always threatened to disclose more and more and more. And all of it’s recorded.”

“It’s not my business,” Gibney told BuzzFeed News about his decision to single out Travolta’s sexuality in his film. “We just know that the church made it its business to collect private details and threaten to reveal them. That’s really the relevant detail.”

It really makes us wonder though — how could coming out in today’s social and political landscape really be worse than living at the beck and call of Scientology? It seems like there must be more than meets the eye.

Going Clear: Scientology and the Prison of Belief airs on HBO on March 29.

Second gay rights group to march in Boston St. Patrick’s parade

Boston-St-Patricks-Day-2013This is the first year that parade organizers have allowed groups representing the gay community to participate in the parade, which draws as many as a million spectators to South Boston.

Kathy Griffin Quits “Fashion Police” With Amazing Twitter Shade

TV Guide Celebrates "The Power List" And 3,000th Issue

The ghost of Joan Rivers is exacting her revenge on Fashion Police. How else do you explain the sudden departures of hosts Kelly Osborne and most recently, noted feminist and gay activist Kathy Griffin?

Via an awesome Twitter press release, Griffin listed her credentials — trophy snatcher, patriot and eternal friend of Joan among them — before basically calling her Fashion Police cohorts a bunch of unfunny body Nazis who wouldn’t know a joke if it slapped them across the face with a Givenchy glove:

The most obvious heir apparent to Rivers’ brand of brass and ballsy humor, Griffin joined E!’s resident shade parade after the legendary comedian’s untimely passing. However, once Giuliana Rancic stuck her Louboutin in her mouth with offensive comments about Disney star Zendaya’s dreadlocks, Griffin must have realized the “creative direction” of the show: right down the toilet.

h/t: Vulture