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Paradise Found: San Francisco May Be Getting Its Very Own Leather-Themed Park

04_15_Eagle_Plaza_07_LRGGay neighborhoods may be on the decline, but at least group in San Francisco isn’t going down without a fight.

A new leather-themed cruising ground park may soon be coming to the city by the bay.

The proposed park, which is being called the “Eagle Plaza,” would be located in the heart of the city’s SOMA neighborhood, an area known for its gay leather bars and nightclubs, as well as for hosting kinky events like Folsom Street Fair and Dore Alley.

“This would provide an active hub for the LGBTQ community and added green space for the immediate neighborhood,” said project manager Hannah Smith.

The block-long “active hub” would be built right outside the Eagle bar and would be appropriately decked out in the colors of the leather flag–blue, black, white and red. It would feature spots for food trucks, picnic tables and chairs, benches, planters, and “jungle gyms” (wink, wink.)

“I am super excited about it,” said District 6 Supervisor Jane Kim, whose office participated in the initial talks about the proposed plaza. “I think it is beautiful.”

As an added bonus, across the street, developers hope to build an apartment complex, which would be perfect for voyeurs and leather daddies alike. Between the apartment, the park, and the Eagle bar, they’d never have to leave the neighborhood.

“There is a lack of public space like this in this area,” said Alex Montiel, a co-owner of the Eagle bar. “Something like this is very much needed for anybody who lives around here. There are no parks nearby.”

h/t: Bay Area Reporter

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Ryan Phillippe Is Happy You Can Finally Watch Him Kiss Breckin Meyer

12-54.w529.h352.2xThere was a part of us that was a little sad nobody ever got to see it. We did something that was relatively bold for two young male actors, and we took pride in the places that the original story went. So, it’s nice that people finally get to see Breckin and me kiss.”

Ryan Phillippe discussing his film 54, which had its gay content edited out prior to the movie’s unsuccessful release in 1998 but has recently been restored for a screening at the Berlin Film Festival earlier this month, in an interview with Vulture


Jimmy Kimmel Presents “The Collected Wisdom Of Pat Robertson” In Hilarious Video

245-year-old Pat Robertson has built a career out of spewing hateful nonsense while hosting the Christian-focused television show The 700 Club.

In the past, the prehistoric televangelist has said a person can catch AIDS from used gym towels, claimed gay people and “awful-looking women” alike are ruining marriage, and pined for a “vomit” button of Facebook, among countless other things.

Now, Jimmy Kimmel has compiled some of Robertson’s greatest pearls of wisdom all in one video.

“Tonight we study the long-time teachings of the host of The 700 Club who’s thoughts we’ve been filing away for months now,” Kimmel says.

Without any further ado, here it is:

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U.S. Army proposal would make it more difficult to discharge transgender soldiers

armyThe decision to discharge transgender soldiers from the U.S. Army would be made by a top, senior civilian official under a plan outlined in a draft document obtained by USA Today. The newly discovered directive does not eliminate the rule that allows transgender soldiers to be discharged for their gender identity, but the proposal would make it more difficult to remove such troops from service.

Here Are Eight Great Things About Being Gay

Being gay isn’t always easy.

Sure, the LGBT community is gaining momentum politically. Same-sex marriage bans are being overturned left and right, but there are still plenty of states that don’t allow gay marriage or have non-discrimination laws based on sexual orientation or gender identity. More and more celebrities are coming out, but there are still many who remain closeted out of fear of damaging their careers and reputations. So there’s work to be done. Still, we’re optimistic. In part because there are a lot of really fantastic things about being gay.

Here are eight great things about being gay…


8. Gay bars

Face it, gay bars are superior to straight bars. The music is more fun, the drinks are more potent, and the people are in better shape (except for maybe at bear bars), not to mention better dressed (ditto). Most importantly, there’s not that awful denigration towards women you see at douchebag straight bars. Sure, we oogle each other, but no one feels subjugated (unless, of course, they want to).


7. Fashion

Speaking of being better dressed, gay men aren’t afraid of taking risks when it comes to our wardrobe. We have a natural ability for mixing patterns. (Granted, sometimes we do it more successfully than others.) We know how to accessorize. And we’re not afraid of bright, flashy, flamboyant colors.

Gay fashion rule #1: It’s not what you wear. It’s how you wear it.


6. Open relationships

While there are certainly plenty of gay couples who practice monogamy, open relationships are much more common (or at least commonly discussed) among gay couples than among straight ones. And, no, that doesn’t mean the gay guys in said relationships are sluts (unless they want to be) or that they aren’t still deeply committed to one another. It just means they’re able to separate NSA sex from real love, and they know how to appreciate both simultaneously without all the petty drama.


5. Grindr, SCRUFF, etc.

Thanks to advent of dating apps, getting laid has never been easier or more convenient. Your next paramour is just a finger swipe (and 235 feet) away. Sure, there are hookup apps for straight people (Tinder and Scout, to name a few), but they haven’t caught on the same way as Grindr and SCRUFF have.

1.1604644. Cher

Go to any Cher concert and you’ll find yourself in a stadium packed with ecstatic gay men dancing and singing along to every song without missing a single lyric (although they miss plenty of notes). We understand the dance diva in a way that most heterosexuals–save for a few suburban housewives–simply don’t. They see a female drag queen. We see a deity. Cher herself acknowledged her influence over gay men in 2013 when she said: “It seems like I’ve always had gay people in my life. In the beginning, I actually thought that ‘gay’ was code for fun.”


3. Unplanned pregnancies

That great fear among horny heteros everywhere in a total non-issue for us. Don’t blame us for those million plus abortions every year!


2. Sexual liberation

While straight men are just now opening up about their love of anal play, gay men have been outwardly embracing it since, well, Adam & Steve. Generally speaking, gay men are more willing to experiment. To celebrate our sexual freedom, we’ve created festivals like Folsom Street Fair and Dore Alley Fair. The fact that these outdoor homages to perversion are now being overrun by heteros just goes to show we’ve always slightly ahead of the curve.


1. The Great Wardrobe Expansion

Perhaps the best part about being gay is that magical moment when you first move in with your boyfriend and realize your wardrobe has just doubled. Or when you realize you can spend extra for that cashmere sweater for his birthday knowing that you, too, will enjoy wearing it. You are always shopping for two.

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Attempts fail to bring tabled LGBT rights bills to Montana Senate, House floors

J. Stephen ConnDemocrats on Monday tried unsuccessfully to "blast" four tabled bills to the Senate and House floors, including one that would ban discrimination against LGBT Montanans.

Ohio man accused of fatally stabbing gender fluid child

Brian GolecAn Ohio man is facing murder and domestic violence charges in the stabbing death of his gender fluid child late Friday.

DVD: “Birdman,” “Dick: The Documentary,” “St. Vincent,” & More!


It’s a truly mixed bag in home entertainment this week, from Oscar nominees to, well, junk:  Birdman, St. Vincent and Dick: The Documentary.

Scroll down for the deets!


Dick: The Documentary

($19.99 DVD; IndiePix)

Just what it sounds like, this documentary features a wide array of men — from young to old, to former military personnel to transsexuals — showing and talking about their penises. No faces, though: the subjects were sourced through Craigslist ads and told they would be anonymous.



($39.99 Blu-ray, $29.99 DVD; 20th Century Fox)

Nominated for Best Picture, Best Actor, Best Supporting Actress, Best Directing, Best Original Screenplay, and Best Supporting Actor, director Alejandro G. Iñárritu‘s trippy dramedy stars Michael Keaton as an aging, tortured actor who, once star of a superhero franchise, mounts a Broadway show in a final bid to revive his career. Things don’t go smoothly, of course, and he may or may not possess superhuman abilities, by the way. Keaton and co-stars, including Edward Norton, a slimmed down Zach Galifiniakis, and Emma Stone are amazing, while seamless special effects and a single-shot approach add to the dazzling, one-of-a-kind experience. Extras include behind the scenes featurettes and conversation between Keaton and Iñárritu.


St. Vincent

($34.99 Blu-ray, $29.98 DVD; Anchor Bay)

Bill Murray heads up this dramedy about a degenerate military veteran, Vincent, who babysits the son, Oliver, of his next door neighbor (Melissa McCarthy). Some feel that Murray was snubbed by the Oscars for his turn here, while Naomi Watts is barely recognizable — and great — as Vincent’s Russian prostitute friend. Extras include deleted scenes and a Q&A with Murray.


dying-of-the-light-bluDying Of The Light


The Interview


The Theory of Everything


Life Itself



Here’s A Nod To Both Pitchers And Catchers


If you like underwear that gets right to the point, the Curbwear Identity Line sees things the way you do, and so does Adrian C. Martin. For this photo shoot, he photographs model and tattoo artist Airam Castedo in the different pairs of Curbwear Identity Briefs. We aren’t much for guessing games, and Airam’s confusing underwear choices have us playing along. All we want to know is which bunk he prefers.

Underwear styles in the Curbwear Identity line have waistbands that answer life’s most important question: top, bottom, or versatile? Other looks in the line provide more complete answers such as “blow me,” “power bottom,” and “circuit boy.” Each pair Airam wears has a waistband and seams that contrast a solid white brief. Seams are used to contour the pouches center as well as to add definition to the sides. The added support is something pitchers and catchers will both appreciate.

You can see more of this photo shoot on The Underwear Expert.

IMG_6174_3952 IMG_6206_3984 IMG_6253_4031 IMG_6180_3958 IMG_6259_4037

Photo Credit: Adrian C. Martin

There’s Nothing Like A Man In Red Underwear

RED10-NoLimitsRemember that scene in Miss Congeniality where Sandra Bullock’s Gracy Lou’s friend confesses to shoplifting panties? “My mom wouldn’t buy them for me—she said they were Satan’s panties!” It’s common perception to find red underwear erotic. In the same way that a red car always seems a little sporty, red underwear seems to have the hidden agenda of turning someone on. Of course, sometimes that agenda isn’t so hidden at all. Applying the fiery color to intimate apparel implies sexuality. But when it comes to men’s underwear, the color red is used for more than just a flirty bite.

Red is also used for energy. Some of the best pairs of performance underwear are red not to attract attention to but leave us feeling energized and unstoppable. At the gym, we wear red pairs when we mean business. It’s like the red underwear encourages a harder burn, stronger lifts, and hitting that cardio high. Applying red to men’s performance underwear gives the wearer a sense of confidence—something proven to enhance workout performances. The same feeling can easily translate to something more attune to the bedroom. If red underwear can help you go longer and harder at the gym, imagine what it could do in the bedroom. Something to think about for men without a go-to red brief.

In this first Jerrad Matthew exclusive photo shoot for The Underwear Expert, male model Alec Luddy wears 23 different pairs of red underwear.  You can see more of the photo shoot on The Underwear Expert.

RED2-BWet Red14-2Xist RED9-Piado RED12-MichaelKors RED10-NoLimits

Photo Credit: Jerrad Matthew for The Underwear Expert