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Texas Man Beats His Teen Boyfriend To Death, Strangles His Dog


Canchola (left) and Sylvester (right)

A Texas man is charged with first-degree murder after beating his boyfriend to death.

Twenty-year-old Bryan Canchola and his boyfriend 18-year-old Stephen Sylvester got into a fight at their apartment in Austin after returning home from a night of drinking on Friday.

Their roommate told police that he awoke to hear the couple arguing in their bedroom shortly after 4 a.m. He described “banging and violent crashing” and the sound of a dog yelping in pain.

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“Why would you cheat on me?” Canchola allegedly screamed, to which Sylvester replied, “Let the dog go!”

The roommate pushed his way into the couple’s room where he witnessed Canchola, who he described as looking “extremely intoxicated,” punching Sylvester in the face and throwing a heavy glass and beer bottles at him. Blood was splattered all over the walls.

The roommate broke up the fight and drove Sylvester to the ER, but he returned home before being seen by a doctor.

At 5:15 a.m., Canchola called police to report his boyfriend was unconscious. When police arrived, Canchola had blood on his lips, hands and feet. Officers also noted that there was a “considerable lack of blood on Sylvester which suggested to him that the body may have been cleaned prior to his arrival.”

An autopsy found that Sylvester suffered signs of strangulation, a neck fracture and bleeding of the brain. The dog, too, showed indicative of strangulation.

Canchola is currently being held on a $500,000 bond.

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h/t: GayStarNews

Here’s A Lesson In Trans Terminology You AND Your Parents Will Enjoy

We admit even we sometimes slip up on pronouns and terminology when conversing with our transgender friends or discussing the trans issues of the day, but a respectful intention to “get it right” goes a long way.

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For people with little to no exposure to trans people in real life, it’s a lot to get adjusted to. The fact that many are trying is a beautiful thing.

Below, get a hilarious (and informative) lesson in the trans lexicon from Funny or Die. This is a great one to forward to your parents back in Idaho:

Even As A Child, Keith Urban Could Perform Dolly Parton Like A Boss

All of you awesome Dolly Parton impersonators out there, make room for Keith Urban. A rare video recording surfaced recently that shows Urban, one of the sexiest and most successful performers in country music and happily married to a talented actress you might have heard of named Nicole Kidman, performing a rousing rendition of Parton’s early hit “Applejack.” Urban, who has performed at Dollywood over the years, appeared on the Down Under entertainment program Reg Lindsay’s Country Homestead sometime in the late 1970s.

If you’re wondering, the video has already met with Dolly’s approval. She posted a link to it on her official Facebook page with the message: “Well, isn’t this too cute! I like your style Keith Urban.”

Watch cute little Keith have a go at it below.

New York issues districts guidance for transgender students

Document will help districts foster a safe and inclusive environment for transgender students.The state Education Department says the document addresses issues like the use of pronouns and students' use of restrooms and changing rooms.

Following his resignation, former Archbishop John Neinstedt denies allegations

"It pains me deeply that my good name and reputation have been put into question," said former Archbishop John Neinstedt to The Star Tribune.Neinstedt has called homosexuality "evil" in the past, and thinks equal marriage laws are a Satanic "man-made experiment" that would harm children.

Former Archbishop John Nienstedt Claims Allegations That He’s A Gay Club Aficionado And Poppers Enthusiast Are Preposterous Poppycock

john-nienstedt_mainFormer Archbishop John Neinstedt is “dumbfounded” by allegations that he loves gay discos, sexy men and the occasional nostril full of poppers. We’ll remind you that Neinstedt has called homosexuality “evil” in the past and thinks equal marriage laws are a Satanic “man-made experiment” that would harm the children.

The Star Tribune reports that a statement by Nienstedt — the first he’s made since resigning amid criminal and civil charges alleging he failed “to protect children” — expresses fierce exasperation about the whole gritty kerfuffle.

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“It pains me deeply that my good name and reputation have been put into question by allegations that are entirely false and based wholly on rumor, hearsay, or innuendo,” he told the paper.

In one affidavit, a priest in Michigan claims he saw Neinstedt having a kiki at gay nightclub The Happy Tap. “He appeared to wave me off as I was coming,” the priest claims, “and I backed off because I did not want to impose on him.”

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Another affidavit, also from a Michigan priest, insists Nienstedt pulled up to his car back sometime in the freewheelin’ ’80s, and asked the priest if he happened to have any poppers on hand. Allegedly, Neinstedt changed the subject when he recognized the priest as a former student.

We’re not sure why these priests were chillaxin’ at gay bars and cruisey parks, but that’s beside the point.

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Another affidavit, this one from James Heathcott, a former seminarian at Detroit’s Sacred Heart Seminary, says he was summarily expelled after refusing Nienstedt’s invitation to head to a ski chalet for a private weekend of — we’re guessing — strenuous prayer.

Oh. And there’s a 2014 letter from a former student that clams Nienstedt “touched his buttocks” after they had dinner together. Joseph Rangitsch says he protested the advances, but Nienstedt could “make things unpleasant for you very quickly.”

Nienstedt, we’ll remind you, once refused holy communion to 25 students because they were wearing rainbow buttons.

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Nienstedt steadfastly denies each and every one of these claims, insisting he’s never “abused any minor, had a sexual relationship with any individual, or committed any crime.” He assures everyone he’s never cut a rug in any gay nightclub, and wasn’t even in Detroit for Poppersgate.

He admits to driving by the park in question on a regular basis because: “I had to drive through the park to get to other destinations within the city of Detroit.” None of which, we’re sure, were called Adam’s Apple.

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Nienstedt is claiming that “certain groups” started the rumors following “difficult decisions” he made, such as “ending the gay community’s use of a Catholic church for liturgies.” He also led a markedly unsuccessful campaign to amend the Minnesota Constitution to ban gay marriage.

A court hearing is set for August 25. We’re sure “certain groups” will be waiting for the crisply enunciated guilty verdict with bated breath.


Clerk prayed over decision to stop issuing marriage licenses

Protesters gather on the front lawn of the Rowan County Judicial Center, Tuesday, June 30, 2015 to protest county clerk Kim Davis.She says the 1st Amendment to the U.S. Constitution gives her the right to not issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples.

Nick Jonas Got Chained Up In A Gay Bar In London Over The Weekend

Nick1What did you folks do over the weekend? Cool, sounds fun, but it doesn’t compare to the fun Londoners had Saturday night. Nick Jonas continued his tour of every gay bar/event/party in the universe and gave every gay man what he’s fantasized about the past few months by indulging in some S/M play on stage while performing his latest single “Chains” during a set at G-A-Y at London’s Heaven. Attitude reports the pop star wasn’t tied up the entire time and drag queens Baga Chipz and Mary Mac gave him a hand with those shackle. Admit it: you’re all a little jealous now.

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Watch the chain reaction unfold below.

Former Australian Footballer Comes Out After Long, Dark Stint In The Closet

Beaton (left) with his partner Marcin (right)

Beaton (left) with his partner Marcin (right)

“No one should ever feel like this,” reads the accompanying text as former footballer Lachlan Beaton shares his coming out story to promote the #EqualLove campaign to end marriage inequality in Australia. 

“For years I hated myself — I hated who I was,” he says in the emotional clip, describing how his internalized homophobia led to a decade of depression.

“My lowest point was in my mid-20s. I would drink excessively because I wanted to escape. I would tell myself I wasn’t fit to be in this world,” he continues.

“I would over-compensate and try to be more manly and blokey.”

“I would use fake names to meet people. I would lie to all of my friends in terms of what I was doing and where I was. I would be angry and lose my temper very easily — sometimes I would damage property. ”

He finally came out to his friends and family at 27 years old, and though he feared the worst, found acceptance.

Watch below:

Ohio makes significant changes after gay marriage ruling

Jim Obergefell speaks during the National LGBT 50th Anniversary Ceremony.Same-sex couples in Ohio can hold their weddings in the Statehouse, file their state taxes jointly, and list spouses on death certificates.