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Marriage equality advocates urge Arizona AG to stop defending state’s ban

Supporters rallied outside Thursday as members of the group Why Marriage Matters delivered petitions urging Attorney General Tom Horne to stop defending Arizona's ban on same-sex marriage.PHOENIX – Delivering more than 5,000 petition signatures in a little red wagon, supporters of gay marriage called Thursday for Attorney General Tom Horne to drop his defense of the state’s ban. The wagon belonged to the daughter of Phoenix couple Kevin Patterson and David Larance, plaintiffs in one of two pending lawsuits challenging the ban.

Battle over same-sex marriage goes before a federal court in Alaska

AlaskaANCHORAGE, Alaska -- The first same-sex marriage ban that was passed in the U.S. will be tested before a judge in Alaska on Friday, the culmination of a week when a federal appeals court struck down similar bans in two states and the U.S. Supreme Court refused to weigh in on the issue.

LGBT groups cautiously cheer Catholic Church shift in tone toward gays

Pope Francis talks with Cardinal Gianfranco Ravasi as he arrives for an afternoon session of a two-week synod on family issues at the Vatican, Thursday, Oct. 9, 2014.VATICAN CITY -- LGBT rights advocates are cautiously cheering a shift in tone from the Catholic Church toward gays, encouraged that Pope Francis' famous "Who am I to judge?" position has filtered down to bishops debating family issues at a Vatican meeting this week. There is no discussion that church doctrine on homosexuality will change ...

Andy Cohen, Robbie Rogers And Barbra Streisand Star In Throwback Thursday Celebrity Edition

We regular folks aren’t the only ones digging through old boxes of snapshots or combing through old floppy discs to find photos to post online in celebration of Throwback Thursday, celebrities are doing it, too. Here are a few of our favorites today.

Andy Cohen


Throw THIS back! Me and my girl Jeanne Messing rocking it out at a dance in 1983. Looks like I went with a maroon sweater….

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Mario Lopez  



#TBT hangin out with Clooney back in ’96… Was super cool then & is still a nice, cool guy. View on Instagram 

Barbra Streisand



  Barbra w/ John Lennon, Yoko Ono and Ringo Starr. John was a romantic. He said one of his and Yoko’s favorite movies was The Way We Were !! #tbt   View on Instagram

Divine (or whoever is running Divine’s official Instagram account)


Divine dressed as Elizabeth Taylor for a school Halloween party with his date Diana Evans #divine #elizabethtaylor

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Robbie Rogers



Lay off me I’m starving. View on Instagram

Elvira (with Lady Bunny and Lypsinka)

Joe Jonas



  #TBT I’m now a vintage wine.   View on Instagram

Tom Brady (in 1994)

Same-sex marriage still in limbo in Kansas in all but one county

Angela Schaefer, left, and partner, Jennifer Schaefer hold an application for a marriage license at the clerk's office at the Johnson County Courthouse in Olathe, Kan., Wednesday, Oct. 8, 2014. They are due to obtain their license Tuesday, after the weekend and the Columbus Day holiday Monday.TOPEKA, Kan. -- Wedding plans of gay couples across Kansas were in limbo Thursday, with all but one of the state's 105 counties refusing to issue marriage licenses and the American Civil Liberties Union preparing to sue in a bid to overturn the state's ban on same-sex unions. Couples began showing up at county marriage license offices around ...

Adult Films Stars Asked Regular People To Touch Them And This Happened

Imagine being in the same room as your favorite adult film stars and being invited to touch them. How would you respond? Would you be shy or bold enough to grope them? Maybe you’d kiss them on the lips or, ahem, lick their feet? In a promotional video/sociological experiment made to tout the Barcelona Erotic Show that took place last week, several folks took advantage of this unusual opportunity and all sorts of reactions took place.

Watch the touching video below.

Why West Virginia’s Decision Not To Fight Marriage Equality Should Tell The Right Wing To Pack It In

matching-wedding-ringsHow many more signs does the right wing need to realize that the battle to stop marriage equality is a lost cause. Here’s one more: West Virginia has decided not to fight a challenge to its marriage ban, paving the way for weddings to start in the state soon.

The reason for the decision is the Supreme Court’s refusal on Monday to consider any of the federal cases striking down marriage bans. Among those was Virginia’s. Since West Virginia is covered by the same federal circuit court as Virginia, the ruling extends to it as well. The West Virginia suit was filed a year ago. 

“While we disagree with the Supreme Court’s decision to allow the 4th Circuit’s opinion to stand and believe it improperly displaces state and local decision-making, we will respect it,” state Attorney General Patrick Morrisey said in a statement.

For political purposes, West Virginia is Alabama, but further north. After all, this is the state in the Democratic primary voters in 2008 expressed their doubts about Barack Obama solely because he’s black.

So if the antigay right can’t hold the line in West Virginia, where can they hold it? The answer is ultimately nowhere.

The only thing running in the right’s favor these days is Justice Anthony Kennedy’s poor typing skills. As it turns out, Kennedy never intended to issue a temporary stay for marriage equality in both Nevada and Idaho. Since Nevada isn’t contesting the challenge, Kennedy meant only to give Idaho a chance to respond before the inevitable occurs. Now he says that including Nevada was just a goof. Marriages can start soon in Nevada after all.

Let’s hope for better proofreading in his next ruling.

Jessica Lange Flawlessly Channels Bowie, Plus What To Expect From This Season’s AHS Covers

Jessica-Lange-Freak-ShowDavid Bowie has some pretty big, pretty extra-terrestrially bedazzled shoes to fill, but Jessica Lange did a pretty honorable job slipping into them on last night’s American Horror Story premiere.

Show creator Ryan Murphy has revealed that due to demand the track, which Lange performs as freak show proprietor Elsa Mars, will soon be available to download on iTunes. He has a little bit of experience in this arena, as any Glee fan will tell you.

He also hinted at other musical numbers we have to look forward to on this season of AHS.  He said Jessica’s Lana Del Rey cover is, “something to behold,” and Kurt Cobain will be featured in a musical homage. We’ve also got it on good authority that Sarah Pauley will give us a mean Fiona Apple performance next week.

Here’s Jessica getting glammy to Bowies Life on Mars”:

Christie says states should decide whether to allow same-sex marriage

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie speaks during a rally for Pennsylvania Republican Gov. Tom Corbett who is seeking a second term, Thursday, Oct. 9, 2014, at Valley Forge Military Academy in Wayne, Pa.TRENTON, N.J. -- Gov. Chris Christie says it shouldn't be up to the Supreme Court to decide whether states allow same-sex marriage. The Republican governor weighed in Thursday on the court's decision this week not to hear appeals from a handful of states, paving the way for a significant expansion across the country.

Reality Babe Charlie King Comes Out As Gay, Becomes Our New British Boyfriend

1412857438086_Image_galleryImage_EDITORIAL_USE_ONLY_NO_MERBritish reality babe Charlie King has come out as gay, telling ITV’s This Morning hosts Phillip Schofield and Amanda Holden that he feels “positive” about being able to open up about his sexuality.

“Our stories will help people, there is a way out. You are not alone,” he said in a live interview this morning. “I want to be a positive person, telling people ‘you can do this.'”

Charlie rose to fame opposite Dan Osborne on The Only Way Is Essex, a half-scripted British reality show often described as the UK’s Jersey Shore. We don’t have the luxury of tuning in from America, but according to the Daily Mail, Charlie’s sexuality has been a topic of conversation on the show constantly.

Charlie revealed he first came out to Gemma Collins, the TOWIE co-star he briefly dated while filming. “I had a girlfriend, she was the first person I spoke to and told,” he said. “It was a proper relationship but I was very aware when I was seeing her thing weren’t quite right. If something doesn’t click, it doesn’t click.”

Charlie’s co-star Ferne McCann became one the first to congratulate him after coming out. He’s received overwhelming praise and acceptance from the public all day:

Most importantly, Charlie recently modeled underwear in a campaign for UK-based underwear retailer BANG+STRIKE. Looks like we have a new British boyfriend to keep track of:




And check out one more he did for Bang Lads, which is far too sexy for us to show you here.

Check out a clip from the full interview below: